The Perfect Burger


The Perfect Burger

My husband and I have been trying to come up with the perfect burger for a couple years now and after some research, and a lot of experimenting, I think we have the perfect burger.

The best part – it’s so simple!

Meat: 80/20 ground beef (fat = flavor)
Lowery’s seasoned salt, to taste
Fresh ground pepper, to taste

Mix the meat and seasoning in mixing bowl.
Tip# 1: Don’t overwork the meat when you are forming the patties. They will be tough if you overwork them. I usually like my burgers on the bigger size so around 1/4-1/2 lb each. I flatten as much as I can while forming into a circle. Tip# 2: Once you have formed the patty, make an indention in the center with your thumb. This will keep the burger from turning into a meatball on the grill. Tip# 3: Never press down on the burgers with your spatula as you cook them & don’t flip them more than once. (This will just dry them out) Tip# 4: My hubby says to look for the juices starting to gather on the top of the burgers and that’s when you know to flip them. I’ve also read to watch the edges and flip when the edges start to pull away from the grill. Just follow these tips and your burgers will be juicy and tasty! Enjoy!


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