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Memorial Day Centerpiece


Easy centerpiece for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July. This was the centerpiece on our brunch buffet.



Nutella Sammies


Nutella Sammies

We hosted a Memorial Day Brunch in our neighborhood this year and had an amazing time. I came up with a super easy and fun brunch dish for the kids and they loved it!

Mini waffles
Nutella or whipped cream
Strawberries – cut in halves or small whole strawberries


Toast waffles and let cool or just thaw them. Spread about a teaspoon or two of Nutella or whipped cream on one waffle and top with another waffle making a sandwich. Top each “sammy” with a strawberry. You can leave it like this or add a long toothpick like I did. Obviously, since these are for kids make sure the toothpicks are removed before they eat.

Simple and the kids loved them! Make your Memorial Day or 4th of July brunch a hit with these.