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Thanksgiving “Pumpkin Pie” Kids Craft

Thanksgiving “Pumpkin Pie” Kids Craft

Here’s a simple craft “Nana” did with my children. Cut the pumpkin pie out of orange and yellow construction paper and glue to your card. Cut small orange tissue paper pieces and have the kids glue the tissue paper onto the pie. Top off your pumpkin pie with a dollop of white tissue paper “whipped cream.” My oldest cut out the paper and wrote “Happy Thanksgiving” and my youngest glued the tissue paper down so everyone helped make the craft.

Oreo Thanksgiving Turkeys


I came up with these to do as a food craft with my toddler for Thanksgivlng.
Blonde Oreo cookies
Nutter Butter bites – could also use Oreo minis if there is a peanut allergy
chocolate chips to melt and use as “glue”
Candy corn
White chocolate chips to use as eyes
Black icing pen – for the eyes
Red icing pen – for the gobbler

You could also stick a lollipop stick and make into cute turkey pops.